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19 July 2010:

Links to Useful Web Sites 

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Link Description

Servicesound Service company part of English Valve Amplifiers Ltd. Specialising in the service and repair of all reel to reel tape recorders and valve amplifiers.
DNACARAUDIO.CO.UK Sole distributors for all EVA Ltd products.
Red Diamond Audio A site dedicated to an unbiased and honest review of Hi Fi equipment. This is the only reviewer that I would consider worth reading because of his accurate and down to earth reporting.
Brilliance Hi Fi cables Brilliance offer a range of superb Hi Fi cables and interconnects at affordable prices
Bowers and Wilkins speakers EVA Ltd use Bowers and Wilkins speakers exclusively for development and testing of amplifiers and are recommended as an ideal partner for the Proteus amplifier.
Avid turn tables Beautifully designed and made record decks.
Advanced Acoustics Acoustic panels for tuning room characteristics.
Quadraspire Wide range of high quality Hi Fi and AV stand systems.
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